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What is is an all-in-one software for your organization that serves as a versatile and visual platform to help teams manage their work, projects, tasks and workflows. The software offers a wide range of features, including task tracking, project management, team collaboration and workflow automation.

Users can customize to their specific requirements, making it a flexible solution for companies of any size.

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What can do?

Visual and customizable workflows provides an intuitive visual interface for effortless workflow creation and management, ideal for tasks, projects and processes.

Cooperation and communication encourages teamwork with real-time comments, file sharing, @Mentions, and activity logs.

Automations automates tasks and saves time with rules and triggers for assignments, updates, and notifications.

Integrations can be seamlessly integrated into common applications and improves the efficiency of workflows through data synchronization.



Save time

With, teams can increase productivity, stay organized, and achieve their goals with ease.

Work management

Easily manage tasks and projects visually.

Customizable workspaces

Tailor the platform to your specific needs, from project management to CRM and much more.

Seamless collaboration

Encourage teamwork through real-time communication and activity logs. enables teams to work and collaborate more efficiently.

One tool, endless possibilities

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Implemented projects

Our no-code solutions

The possibilities are many and varied, and no-code enables companies to develop creative solutions for different use cases in a short space of time, save costs and be flexible.

We combine no-code tools with each other and develop solutions that are tailored to your company. Below you will find a selection of implemented projects with the corresponding no-code tool.

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