Customized no-code solutions for Start-ups

At Blinno, we understand the unique challenges of start-ups: limited resources, the pressure to scale quickly, and the need for efficient technology solutions. We offer customized, agile and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to these needs.

Cost-efficient solutions

Effective solutions tailored to the requirements of start-ups.

Fast implementation

Time-critical solutions that can be deployed quickly to enable immediate progress.

Scalability & flexibility

Solutions that grow with your company and adapt to changing requirements.

Our solutions

Efficient, agile, successful:
Driving yout start-up forward with no-code

Our goal is to support your success and deliver innovative, user-friendly solutions for the dynamic world of your start-up.


We work together to develop a basis for your requirements. We do not create a doctoral thesis, but a lean, agile concept.


Support for scaling and optimizing your business model with various no-code tools.

Training and support

Sustainable training for the no-code tools you use, for long-term and independent success.

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Achieving more together
Our core principles for effective collaboration

For us, achieving more together means not only working effectively, but also in a customer-oriented manner. We always keep you up to date, adapt our services to your individual needs and offer you a reliable basis for continued success through regular updates and ongoing support - a basic premise of our effective collaboration.

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