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What is Xano?

Xano is a tool that allows you to create a powerful and scalable backend for your applications quickly and without code. What is a backend? A backend consists of a server that runs your content, a database that stores your content, and an API that provides the content to and from the front-end (app/website).

In this case, Xano offers you a scalable server, a flexible database and a no-code API builder that can transform, filter and integrate data from anywhere.

Blinno is an official %%Xano partner in Switzerland%%

At Blinno, we help you with Xano so you can quickly launch a backend without worrying about scaling.

What can Xano do?

API builder

With Xano, you can easily create custom APIs without writing extensive code. With the intuitive user interface, users can define endpoints, set up data models and create powerful API logic with ease.

Robust database management features

Users can easily design, deploy, and manage databases. You can build relational data models, define custom fields, and efficiently process complex data operations.

Automation and Integration

With Xano, users automate workflows and seamlessly integrate third-party services. Create automation rules, trigger actions based on events and integrate with popular applications and services with pre-built connectors.

Authentication and authorization

Xano secures data with authentication and authorization. You can implement user authentication, role-based access control (RBAC) and authorization management to ensure data security and compliance.


Why Xano?

Team collaboration

You can collaborate with your team in real time throughout the development cycle.

Data protection

Xano is certified according to ISO 27001:2013 and therefore offers a high level of data security.

Integration and connection

Xano can connect to any of your no-code tools via its API.

Scalability and performance

Xano's cloud-based infrastructure ensures scalability and high performance for applications of any size. Users can handle growing data volumes, concurrent users and complex workloads without any loss of performance.

One tool, endless possibilities

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Implemented projects

Our no-code solutions

The possibilities are many and varied, and no-code enables companies to develop creative solutions for different use cases in a short space of time, save costs and be flexible.

We combine no-code tools with each other and develop solutions that are tailored to your company. Below you will find a selection of implemented projects with the corresponding no-code tool.

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